- Kristyan Barx


Cristian Barillà AKA Kristyan Barx is an italian DJ and producer born in July '91 in Reggio Calabria. His music genre mostly tech house is often influenced by deep sounds, funk and latins. In 2005 Cristian (whose passion was electronic music since his childhood), starts his clubber life, and begins to assist to many dj sets of some of the most famous djs of the world, learning from them the concept of “living the music”. Ready to go into the crowd and share with the whole world his feelings through his music, he starts his career in 2007, but he isn’t really appreciated at the beginning, because of his different sounds that are not understood from the people in his city who were used to commercial music and not really open-minded. This caused a lot of difficulties in his dream to share his music in Reggio’s clubs. However, Cristian continues on his road until a dj notices him during an event in which he had to “open the dances”. This dj compliments him and gives him the possibility to participate like a remixer to one of his next EP. Cristian used to enjoy producing amatorial tracks which he didn’t consider good for his standards.After having accepted the role of remixer for a famous Sicilian label, he suddenly starts working, and with a great surprise he becomes part of an album of various artists, despite his total inexperience. He proposes to the label manager one of his previous demo “Niños”, that is accepted after a little reviews, and published with the name of “Weber Flute”. The publication of this track had a great success even though the expectations of everyone, and for this it was included in many compilations. Time after time, Cristian mature his experience and musical knowledge, still producing always more valid and advanced music for Italian and foreign labels.