- Marco Dasta


Marco Dasta is dj/producer/remixer and owner of 1991records.Marco Dasta 'was born in Erice,Sicily(Italy) in 1991. Havingalways been fascinated by electronic music,he decided, in2004 began to introduce his style of music in many clubs ofthe city and began to collect success among the variousorganizers all over Sicily. He improved his technique in theshort, but intensive years of his career. In 2010 he signedhis first recording contract a few months after some of histracks are in the top 10 of a musical digital store.. MarcoDasta sound style is based in the House , Tech House ,Techno.. T hen began collaborations with various artists ofdeveloping international projects soon be available in alldigital stores.In 2010 he since 1991 records. 1991 records is labeldistribuited on all over the world.Marco Dasta's target does not stop at the first place in thetech-house or Techno top but wants show his music aroundthe world.