- K-os Theory


Parth N Mehta a.k.a K-os Theory is a free spirited minimal/techno music producer stuck to his sound samplers, synthesizer’s most of the time and gets the crowd moving with his non-conformist and maverick music...Born and brought up in Mumbai, India this multi-faceted 24-year-old music producer is a tech-savvy Electronics engineer, an enterprising businessman in the morning and an ambidextrous and experimental DJ taking Mumbai night clubs by storm in the night.He has carved a niche for himself by gaining recognition globally from labels such as Turning Wheel Records, Berlin Aufnahmen, Fresh Port music, Dc10 Records , Massive duck records, and other artist for his sounds . He is burgeoning rapidly into the edm music world with his music ,filled with eccentric and sui generis sounds .With many more upcoming releases this year the future holds a lot for this budding musician.. K-os theory is here to stay for a long while with his ground-breaking sounds!!!