- Steph B.


Despite the foreign-sounding name, Stephano Bersola aka STEPH B. is an italian singer & sogwriter born in Milan, under the Sagittarius star. He grew up in a family of artists. His sister is Giovanna Bersola, alias Jenny B. He gave a start to his career recording songs for Japanese cartoons Produced by YAMATO VIDEO with the music collaboration of Nicolò Fragile and Alberto Radius. "City Hunter" is the themesong that has the most success, followied by others like (Patlabor - Lamù - Magic Knight Rayearth & Sun College). The new Millennium saw him engaged in two Gospel projects called TGP (The Global Performance) & (Urban Gospel Movement ) in which he t ook part in convent ions and concerts around Italy. Steph B. has collaborated on many projects both as background vocalist and vocalist in dance songs of which Pavesi Sound featuring Steph B. “Believed in love”, Ultra Lights feat. Steph B. “18” that became a great success in France, where he demonstrated his particular talent in foreign language singing in Russian. Steph B. released in 2002 his first CD single “Out of My Life” with the label New Music International. The title licensed in various countries has followed an unexpected success and in Spain after summer tour 2003 he realised the Spanish version "Fuera de mi vida". Other singles followed: “Reachin” and “A girl will kiss...” in English & French with the music collaboration of Nicola Fasano. From February 2007 to june 2008 he took part as the Frontman of the well- known group DISCO INFERNO, performing non-stop the 70’s funk & disco music all around Italy. Always attracted to different music styles, he began a new advent ure part icipat ing in t he project “EL GRUPO MELODICO ” with the song “Wanna Know” in a new bachata style. This success was followed by the second single “I will be there” and a reinterpretation of the Portugese song “Padoce de Céu Azul”. The ultimate single “LA LA LA LA” in duet with Carlos Xavier was released by 3Sound Records in the summer of 2011. In 2012 starts the project “JAZZ IN TRANSLATION” a Jazz trio that translate pop & soul music into jazz groove and He performs on Rai1 on the TV Show “Punto su di te”.