- Hakan Kabil


'Music is life, life is beautiful...''DJ & Producer, Remixer and Composer from Istanbul / Turkey. Over 9 years on music, V.i.p clubs in Turkey and internationally. Since 2005 he stay true to his passion for Soulful House and Deep House. His first international production ''Son Istanbul Beyi'' (The Last Gent of Istanbul) released in ''Istanbul Lounge Vol. III'' compilation (in 2012). While continue spinning Mediterranean and Aegean sides of Turkey his second track ''Yesterday'' released (in 2013). His remixes also appearing on Turkish stars remix albums. The last one is ''All Star Dj's'' (in 2012). His DJ sets ''Just For You'' and ''Purple Podcast'' series are continue to grow with various radios in internationally. Hakan's last production lead him to Purple Music Label with the track ''Beautiful'' (in 2013).