GROJ is an electronic musician, singer-songwriter and live act. Being one of few electronic musicians who perform live singing with a clubbing mood, his live show sets an impression on you. Expect warm melodic music, a direct style filled with personality and cutting edge beats. Early in his career EXCLAIM! and Noisey magazines showed great interest in his albums.Over the course of his releases GROJ opened up to more diverse creative possibilities. His rumbling rhythms and far-reaching dance floor anthems are perfect to build up tension on the dance floor. Sounds are subtly played out, yet crystal-clear and easy to recognize, especially as soon as you hear his signature voice!Coming from a family line of artists and craftsmen, he is an instinctive creator and his music has a true long-lasting impact on listeners. GROJ currently resides in Montreal and in his other life he is a researcher in music and cognitive science.