- Luke Mandala


Luke's deep passion with music was ignited at the age 14 with the open minded underground electronic scenes of 1998 - and that was the year he started to DJ. In 2007 Luke started releasing his own music and now has hundreds of songs released with a large number of the biggest labels in the world - Traum, Selador, Tulipa, Desert Trax, Merkaba Music, Addictech, Books Shade Music. With Luke’s dynamic performances, depending on the crowd, you may encounter an eclectic mix of global sounds from the genres of techno/house, downtempo dance music, and chill out. Luke’s music is intentionally part of the massive movement of mind opening dance floors transforming the planet, and it has flown him to many continents around the planet to play music. It speaks to the heart and flows through inspiring and intense emotive movements, flying through the cosmos or the deepest primal caves with a focus on play, inspiration, and unification. Activated Recordings (Beatport) was launched by Luke in November 2008 with a large roster of huge artists, in recent years it has been mainly for releases Luke’s music although demos are welcome.