- Stefano Secci


Stefano Secci starts to play as dj in 1990 to the seventeen year-old age. Its first approach with the music and with the turntable happens entirely in casual way on the occasion of a party of one friend of him, From that moment in then the strong desire and the uncontrollable passion it will be born for this profession. hi begins so to move the first footsteps toward the sound of the acid house and techno that soon they will bring him to participate in the first evenings underground. With the time it acquires a technique and a style proper that do from signature to his evenings. After only four years it starts to perform in the clubs and in the evenings of the well- known discos of the island; events one night and after hours that will place side by side him to important international djs producer. In 1997 he moves to Germany, to Koln, where it is perfectly inserted in the circuit electronic techno of the club cultures.In 1999 to his reentry in Sardinia he is contacted as dj resident near one of the greatest discos of the island, the Why Not, contemporarily to witness as special guest to important events and exclusive party: on the ship Amerigo Vespucci.Stefano Secci is an eclectic artist, he studied percussion and piano, he hever look for a new sound.