- Holly North


Born in the mid 90's in Northern Germany, Christopher soon got introduced to music. Already with age of 7 he took his rst Cello lessons which he kept up until to this point. Through his early classical musical education he quickly was able to develop his musical competence. When he was 14 years old he started playing electronic bass, performing with bands and ensembles. Living and traveling abroad, Christopher made his rst experiences with electronic music when he decided to take piano lessons in order to achieve a better theoretical background of the things he intuitively had done over a decade. As his fascination for composing songs and curiosity about electronic music grew, he began to produce own tracks on the computer. With the age of 17 he sent his rst arrangements to friends and other musicians who encouraged him to continue. Christopher is currently based in Brooklyn and Berlin and is working on the release and live performance of his works. His aim is the transcendence of genres and rules re ecting his passion and enthusiasm for the exploration of sound.