- Piyush Awasthi


PIYUSH AWASTHI , Born in New Delhi India , has a firm head on his shoulders and magic seeping through his fingers, with many years of Professional Experience, this young DJ/Producer has a long list of his music releases to his credit.When most 16 years were busy partying, THIS 16 year old was busy mixing tracks and making parties’ rock. Having felt the passion of creating music gave him the insight to pursue it with feverish perfection. Studying music production like it should be was the very obvious next step that gave him the technical know.He has earned applaud from some of the top guns like Sasha, Eric Prydz, John Digweed, Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman, Denis A, Cid Inc, Luis Junior, Darin Epsilion just to name a few. Working with a large chunk of best and popular labels has been his achievements in the recent past.He is also a well qualified Audio Engineer. The inherent passion to create music clubbed with the technical expertise forms nothing short of a Protégé.