Just by the sound of his name, and the uncommon namesfor his singles, you can already get a feel of the rawpiercing, bass sounds wanting to blast its way through thespeakers. GRAW's attempt to change the feel for electromusic has come along way, but it is just the start. With hisfirst ever single to be signed & released 'INK', he hasdecided to work harder and stronger to re-create and bringback the underground feel for electro music. For over fouryears ago, he continues to refine his skills in the areas ofmusic production, remixing and Deejaying. Within the pastyear, his musical career has gained momentum by receivinggreat support from Dj/Producers Kill FM & many more. Histalent was showcased at a local college event, with a crowdexceeding 1500 spectators and earning himself to be in theschools magazine. GRAW will also be showcasing his talentwith upcoming gigs within the Toronto music scene. Whilestill relatively new to the electronic music industry, GRAW isdetermined to embrace and conquer challenges in an effortto establish a professional reputation as an artist.