- Steven Maar


Steven Maar, an innovative producer from Croatia. His unique sound is a blend of progressive house and sometimes even funky house beats along with drive and emotions of trance and big room sounds. He got his 1st release at the age of 17 when he did a remix for DJ Eco under Lunatique label. After that he did some small gigs and worked on his sound but decided to go another way, with music always being something to aspire to. The drive and desire to go back to producing was far too great and 7 years later, in 2012, he got back to doing what he loved the most. The desire to catch up the lost time was immense so he refreshed his skills and produced some serioust racks t hat right away got him under t he wings of ever growing Crossworlder Music Group and their labels - Jill Recordings and Soundtrip Records. Mostly influenced by the trance scene but also pulling some influence from the progressive house scene his tracks continue to develope the unique and recognised "Maar-Sound". Immersing more and more into his own sound you can expect some great things out of StevenMaar.