- Frankie Dep


While studying in Italy, Francesco De Paola aka Frankie Depnever intended to end up as a DJ/ producer. He graduatedin biomedical engineering. But his love for music, fuelled bythe presence of musicians in his family, eventually led him tobe a regular presence in the Turin clubbing scene.He started to follow his passion for electronic dance musicand started to work with analogical and digital machines toproduce his tracks.In the last years he was signed in great labels like AreaRemote, OFF Recordings, Kaluki music, Sincopat, SleazyDeep, Cream Couture Records. His tracks was played andcharted from many big Artists one of this Pete Tong thatplayed his tracks on BBC Radio 1 and rereleased onDefected.Many works, in this last summer, was released on 100%Pure and Cr2 Records.His works come from collaboration too, with artists likeDanny Serrano, Darlyn Vlys, 2nd Sequel, Mendo, Piek andmany others. T he next release will be release on Suara.In the last year he start to play out of Italy too, in Studio80(Amsterdam) w 2000 and One and Monika Kruse, and inSass Music Club (Vienna)His style moves on the verge of old skool and new skool,and does so perfectly.