- Danley


Danley is the polish techno dj/producer, fully named Daniel Łuszyński born 20.07.1991r. Białystok, Poland. He has very loud past, cause of his uncle playing 80' techno at his house. Trully infected by the sounds, he listening more and more of techno. At age 16 he starts trying to make simple beats on Fruity Loops studio. After 5 years of hard work, he has already made up into Beatport Top 100 Minimal with First Step EP and still growing in techno style. His first techno releases are big remixes for guys all over the world, he is still working on his own EPs. He was Working with such guys like Peat Noise, Kamil Marc, Elbodrop, Luix Spectrum, Marrel, Exor Goticz, R. Cooper, Ig Noise, Krstevski, Stevie Wilson and still getting in this music industry and meeting new peoples. After his short carrier he was able to release tracks on Dirty Stuff Records, DSR Digital, Berlin Aufnahmen [ViP], Naughty Pills Records, Naughty Pills Limitless. His future in techno industry slowly growing up, and he hope to release more and more.