- BPlan


Bplan , 1987 class , is a dj-producer coming from the Italian isle of Ischia. Since kid, he had a nice passion for music and pushed from his creativity, from which started to engage himself in piano- and guitar lessons just to achieve strong acknowledgement and capability, to make it in a polyhedral- and kaleidoscopic mood.His both live- and studio performances are characterized by intriguing mixture made of hip-hop, house and other immortal genres such as R&B, funk and –of course, jazz. Bplan enforced his technical skills building up a strong professional profile during several sessions in Italy and abroad. The magic of the nocturne Ischia’s environment and the powerful of” Bplan’s” music are entwined so to create a sort of alchemy which inebriates the hearts of listeners and dancers as well, pouring in the air and bringing pure joy of life. Contact : peppefimiani@gmail.com