- BP


Bruyndonx Patrick aka BP Belgium, producer dj in EDGE -Labyrinth - Cafe d'Anvers Antwerp I started producing anddj-ing as BP in 2010, “Inspirado Por Usted” was the firsttrack I made under that name, when I met Guy J inAmsterdam that same year I played this track to him and heliked it a lot, but through the years it got lost and was neverreleased until in 2013 (where it got found again). I still find itone of my most special tracks and it probably will remainthat way for ever, being the first release under BP. "InspiradoPor Usted" means inspired by you, as the track wasinspired by a dj set of Ricardo Villalobos when he played inFuse Brussels. Apart from other projects the last two yearsBP releases can be found on such labels as LOST &FOUND - PLATTENBANK - AELLA - PUSH IT - SOUNDARCHITECTUREIN THE PAST, co- writer producer of Red Carpet "Alright”and T he Moon "Blow T he Speakers” also aka as "DenHétrix" and "Hatrixx".