- 2FD


Two minds lost in music would be the perfect definition for Milton Juarez and Omar De La Cruz or better known as 2FD. Both were born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Milton and Omar both met at a club through mutual friends not knowing each other’s passion for music. At the time Milton was Djing at Hip Hop clubs and backyard events in South LA with a desire to step in to the house and Techno world and looking for someone to partner up with. It was soon discovered Omar’s passion for the electronic music movement in Los Angeles. Shortly after the two ended up attending the same school and from there the two of them began working together forming a stronger bond. From there they decided that against all odds the two of them would embark on their journey together.Although music is what brought them together both are in ways very distinct from each other. One is quiet and the other is not. Omar tends to have more melodic and emotional tendencies this may be due to his quiet and reserved nature. Milton on the other hand has more rhythmic and funky tendencies, which can be attributed to his outgoing personality. Bring them together one complimenting the other and you have 2FD.