- Marco Key


Marco Key english bioDj / Producer / Remixer born in Leghorn in the legendary 1980.I make the first steps in the world of DJing, to the home of my best friend Beppe at the age 16... The 90s have had a major influence on my musical style and technique...At 20 years old i leave italy and start to steal the secret of the best international DJs, traveling the length and breadth of Europe, techno vinyls have now taken the place of the legendary house records 90 years but that always have a featured prominently in my dj set ...I returned to Italy at age 25, I feel the need to put something special and personal in my DJ sets, then start to produce tracks only for me, that they collect fairly success.For some years I decided to let the world know my way of interpreting electronic music, I have not a favorite genre in particular ...I love to experiment, make mistakes and try again, I like to be influenced by different genres at the same time ....... What can I add, the only limit is the sky!