- 12 Tones


The roots of the name derive from Ancient Greece as does every band track title.Many years later these 12 Tones have a direct influence on the full harmonisation of sound with the lives of Spiros Kordas and John Kougianos.The appearance of the 12 Tones alongside the evolution of the music scene have led to the band being described as currently upcoming.Their sound has been called minimal techno house characterized by groovy b-lines, live percussions and vocals.Their knowledge is not just applied to music production but has led them over the years to the decksnext to big names such as Dave Seaman, Marc o’ Tool , Tim Healey , Extrawelt, Re.You as well as Lee Burton, Echonomist, Alex Dimou, Nikolas Gale, Τοlis Q , Mikee, Mikele, Mr.Statik, Dousk, Olga Kouklaki, Agent Greg, Christian Cambas , Viton and many more...From the depths of time to the heights of creation...