- Mario Mijatovic


Mario Mijatovic The Funky Techno DJ/Producer based in Slavonski Brod Croatia had a nice start with his electronic music dough he didn't play any instrument when he was 5 or started mixing when he was 7 he discovered house music when he was 15 As a big fan of Michael Jacksons music house music was just a natural way to move forward in the world of music. After making the transition from the funky based Michael tracks he started to produce,but the skills weren't there, after 5 years of producing and experimenting finally a style has been borne a style unique and alike at the same time.. the James Brown funk snares and Michael Jackson 80"s bass line made a good breaking point and a further way to develop other different styles.this was the point where his music became something more than just a hobby it became a calling,it became the great and one and only true love. Soon after that,the first gigs came in and a residency in some local night clubs while holding residencies he was also producing music as the "Mismatch Duo" with his friend.Later on the duo got separated because of many other things happening in life and Mario went on a solo journey to establish the Mismatch Music (Label) in honor of the good old times and to bring a brand new upcoming sound to the people wanting good music that funk and those glimpse of happiness while they dance on the dance floor.