- stillill


Miki Dimitrov, or his altered self “stillill”, is a young producer, from Bulgaria. He discovered his passion for the electronic music back in 2010. Couple of years after that, he had his rst release “id”. He, then, decided to give himself a break of 4 years, so he could collect his mind, and also explore the vast “ocean” of music, so he can develop and shape his own style. He had been inuenced a lot by the minimalistic and dubby sides of the music, so he started releasing for labels like Tagged Music, Serkal, Play Groove,Baile Musik,Low Groove Records, P.U.N.C.H.I.S, and quite some more. If you like to be taken on rides in deep and unknown dungeons, where you will be put in a hypnotic state and you will dance your ass off under the spell of the music – you should denitely follow stillill’s work.