- Stephan Luke


French born Stephan Luke flows electric blood through his veins. His father was a 1970’s DJ and Stephan started early in the 1980’s. Is it genetically determined? Maybe. It is more likely Stephan Luke was influenced by New York’s pulsing life – especially the night life. In 1985 he witnessed the birth of House Music, got his first gigs at Nell's and The Tunnel and soon had his first residency at Chaos NYC. Soon afterwards he moved to lovely Miami and secured a residence in all the biggest clubs in town (Space, Crobar, Mansion). In 2005 he creates Sundance, a weekly sunday night party which quickly becomes the "Industry" favorite. Released 2003 Single "Waterfalls" entered # 1 DMC buzz chart, 2006 he was nominated best resident DJ for Sundance, 2008 Serge Devant "Sweet Harmony" with Stephan Luke remix # 1 DMC buzz chart, 2008 single "Pressure" named Ibiza track of the summer by Sander Kleinenberg. Right now Stephan's tracks and remixes are regularly featured on Subliminal, Kingdom Kome Cuts, Ultra and Harem records.