- Spinney Lainey


I started playing the flute at the age of eight and developed a passion for music instantly. Having graduated from my Music Degree at University of Surrey ten years ago, I have branched out from my classical routes; composing, improvising, recording and performing music in a wide range of musical styles with musicians in this country and abroad, forming various musical projects, bands and collaborations, including previous band,Attria. I was discovered by Zyce after posting a video on Youtube of me busking to his track, 'Basic' at Picadilly Circus station: www.youtube.com/watch? v=VYWPuXmdogM. I then recorded flute for the track and he made a remix, which can be heard on my soundcloud page. I worked with Z yce on 5 tracks in total, including the EP, 'Fluting', which was number 1 on Beatport. Since that, I have been working with many other producers in the scene, including Lyctum, Mindwave, Pulsar & Thaihanu and Elegy, providing flute recordings for released tracks.It has been my vision for many years to combine live instruments with electronic sounds with a particular interest in Psy Trance and Psy Ambient collaborations with the view to creating live performances, as well as releasing tracks.It is this passion, which has lead me to the natural conclusion of starting to produce progressive psytrance myself, with home recorded flute! My aim is to create highly melodic, harmonic, expressive music!