- Etcetera


Etcetera is an up-coming psytrance project and the man behind it is Joao Noronha from Portugal. Having moved to the U.K. at a very young age, Etcetera made its debut in London sharing stage with respectable Juno Reactor in their world tour, also sharing stage with Shane Gobi, Dino Psaras, Timelock, Sungirl, Domino and more... Etcetera is driven by groovy/funky marching basslines, and is ready to break down boundaries and take you on a journey to the most happy and mysterious place.Etcetera is one of the most promising producers of these days, following the principles of originality, uniqueness, melodiousness and clean sound. He makes powerful sound that has not been heard before. Every track is telling an unpredictable story and can be anywhere on the scale from uplifting to twisted psychedelic tunes. The clever production and the wise buildups makes it interesting and delightful. His sets are known for the good energy he brings to the dancefloors.