- Pan Papason


Pan Papason is no stranger in the Trance world, Djing since 1993 as he started in London where Trance was being blooming at that time. From DJing for the TIP crew birthday parties, went on to Goa to create his weekly Legendary SEA BREEZE event and by 1996 he was DJing internationally on a standard basis. Pan Papason's style can vary from Psychedelic banging Trance and Progressive Trance through to Tech and Electro House. For years now his long hour sets made people travel in the dancefloor and him around the world. In these days sets are shorter but you will still find yourself travelling thru his unique story telling. His versatility has brought him to mainstream events playing alongside acts such as Moby and Bjork. He has been rated as one of the Top Trance DJs of all times and has been recommended by the MUZIK magazine in London as the DJ to look out for.. He climbed the charts with the electro tune "Electrogirl" and got the "Top Release" Stamp on DJMAG and MIXMAG. Look out for all the compilations of his "Around The Globe" series as all topped the charts with equal success. Between 2004 and 2011 he lived in the Mecca of electronic Music Ibiza and currently he has been spending time between Ibiza and the new capital of arts Barcelona."If u haven't sensed his musical tuning as yet, make sure u do and u will never forget..."