- Ruben Martinez


Ruben Martinez began as dj and producer 17 years ago, today is one of the biggest DJ in the electronic music scene in his country. His sets can range from Deep House to the hard side of a perfect combination of Techno effects and always with the vinyl. Nowadays has been making tracks and remixes for major labels. In addition, Ruben has his own label project called "Kalamazoo Records" and has edited more than 10 digital stamps. In his study he uses programs and analog synthesizers, he always finds a creative way to make new sounds, trying to be innovative and learn new techniques that can help you to always be evolving. Ruben has been traveling for several countries as Brazil, Colombia, Austria, Spain and Portugal. He has shared the stage with hundreds of artists worldwide like CristianVarela, DjRush, Umek, OscarMulero, Joey Beltran, Technasia, The advent,Chris Liberator, Lukas, Obi, Chris Liebing, Pascal Feos, A-paul, Rolando, Tim Baker, Bando, Link,Zyco, Sonico, Destro, Marco Bailey, Pratap, DJ Murphy, Julyukie, Dylan Drazen and artists currently working for some of the biggest labels in the world. Has done remixes for Juan Magan and Alexandra Stan. Is considered one of the most sought artists in Spain and has participated in festivals such as Technological, Techno Resistance, Acid Resistance, Teknofilia, Summer tech, Tecnolandia, among many others.