- Stevens Santana


Currently I am living in Mallorca, but my country is the Dominican Republic. My start in the music world as DJ, was from tiny when I was 12 or 13. I began to relate to people of this world and go home to see how these friends poked. That’s when I began to arouse curiosity mixes with thedis hes .It was from that moment that I managed to buy my first “Technics MK2 -1200 ” and started to play at home for fun and why it was something that motivated me. Like any DJ, was looking at different stores and online portals different vinyls that I liked or that I had advised my friends. Gradually my skill with the dishes and other related equipment (tables mixtures or programs like tracktor or serato) was improving increasingly.At first my musical styles were Techhouse, Techno and Tech. I am currently in these styles, especially in Tech and Techno, which are the most awakened my creativity as an artist.Gradually I began to play at some nightclubs of Mallorca as a guest to these events (private parties, festivals Rec, celebrations). Currently, my last job was as a resident DJ in the business Iberostar.View as people enjoy the music and feel that I am producing that music live , clicking to the public, aroused me even more this desire to excel in the world of DJ music, reinforcing my love and passion for this world.In February 2014 , he joined as an artist GAM Records, where he launched his musical productions.