- Redsoul


RedSoul is UK DJ and Producer Dave 'RedSoul' Wareing.ProducerAs a producer, RedSoul is a bit of an all-rounder. As comfortable making underground club tracks as he is providing dancefloor friendly remixes for international superstars including Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Foster The People & Kelis.In 2005, he launched his own record label 'Playmore Music', which to date has seen releases featuring DJ Meme, Jason Bye, Deep Swing, Jody Watley, Groove Assassin, Audiowhores, Sean McCabe, Shena, Andrea Love, 83 West, Colton Ford, Ralf Gum, Jay Vegas, Klement Bonelli, Craig C, El Rojo Alma, Carla Prather, RaShaan Houston, Shane D, Inaya Day, Hot Stuff, Word Of Mouth, Nicole Mitchell, Cosmic Boogie, El Diablos Social Club and RedSoul amongst others. www.playmoremusic.co.uk