- Nurettin Colak


Turkish DJ/Producer ‘Nurettin Colak’ has been improving his skills on a daily basis by listening to DJ sets and tracks of his favorite artists as well producing his own tracks in the meantime. Despite his solid and evergrowing Trance sound, the young producer also focuses on club-orientated Progressive House productions.The journey started off with his first single “Nevermind”, which was released under the Progrez Music label in year 2008. During the same year, he teamed up with 2 producer friends who eventually formed the Trance Trio “Heartstrings” which gained quick attention and support by DJ Tiesto on his prestigious weekly radio show “Club Life”. In year 2009, Nurettin Çolak released a single called “Anatolian Emotions” which received massive support by the likes of Armin van Buuren and Above & Beyond. The single also appeared in compilations like “ASOT Radio Top 15 May” and “Armada Music Trance Top 100 Vol.3” under Armada Music.Nurettin kept releasing quality tracks continuously and his hard work paid off with the very well-received ‘Conception’. The record received double support by Armin van Buuren on ‘A State Of Trance’ and was also playlisted at the massive ‘Armin Only Mirage – Ukraine’ event. ‘Conception’ was heavily supported by 15 legendary DJ’s worldwide and was also included on ‘ASOT Radio Top 15 December’ after entering the Beatport Top 20.On the other hand, Nurettin’s DJ career was having a steady start where the young artist performed alongside prestigious acts such as Armin van Buuren,Ahmet Sendil, Jochen Miller, Riva Starr, Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Sied van Riel.August 2010 saw the start of Nurettin Colak’s radio show which is hosted on Turkey’s largest EDM Station, ‘FG 93.7’. The show takes place every Saturday at 02:00 AM where Nurettin delivers the newest Trance and Progressive anthems to the listeners.


Uplifting Trance and Melodic Energy Trance Anthems, Vol. 2
TrancEye, Fischer & Miethig, Cryostasis, Rene Ablaze, Jam Da Bass, tranzLift, Dima Krasnik, Steve Raw, The Pulsarix, Wemms Project, Artra & Holland, Cerera, DJ T.H., Andy Elliass, Laucco, Ian Buff, Aeden, Infite, T Forces, Bardalimov, Javah, Xan, Sublunar Project, Kamil Esten, O.B.M Notion, Mhammed El Alami, Stellarium, Alexander Xendzov, Julie-Anne Melfi, Danny Claire, Sync Diversity, Juliet Lyons, Raham Hagh Gooyan, Frank Dattilo, Arctic Motion, Mostfa & Mostfa, Damian Wasse, Enfortro, Ivan Zupan, Jack Noise, Shuhrat Iskanderov, Thomas Petersen, Sarah Brightman, Tommy Pulse, Air Diver, Jonny Craig, Tranc Eye, John Waver, I5land, Truenorth, Distort Guyz, Warmduscher, Dj Tom-x, X-Cess, Bassrockerz, Elena, Matt Pincer, Martin Graff, Martin Soundriver, PROYAL, Amen B, Ross Rayer, 7 Baltic, Wojciech Kania, Ula, Unix SL, Adam Navel, Simon O'Shine, Andy Bianchini, Avenger, Blue Tente, Oceanic, Vlad Gee, Alpha Force, Dereck Recay, Jirka Stofcik, Kubo Satnik, ViDs, Black Pulsar, Blue Dolphin, Waas Van Siem, Mindsoundscapes, Talla 2xlc, Simon O'Shine, Gelardi, Wellenrausch, Touchstone, 4 Strings, Arctic Moon, Wemms Project, The Enlightment, O.B.M Notion, TrancEye, Six Senses, Make One, Gowood, Dj Holocaust, Matt Pincer, Arctic Motion, Ernest Miller, Fedde van Diemen, Empyre One, DJ Gollum, Raindropz!, Snoww, Myde, Steve Allan, Another World, Veselin Tasev, Nurettin Colak, Faruk Sabanci, Mike Semtex, DJ Brush, Darren Tech
Keejay Records | 2015-05-01