- Krzysztof Chochlow


Krzysztof Chochlow is one of the most talented and experienced DJs and producers Polish club scene, which since the late 90's during his musical journey experimenting between different styles of music, but never distracted from his distinctive sound for which he is so highly regarded and loved by clubbers.His productions for more than 10 years did not disappear from the DJ sets.Designed years ago today parquet destroyers are played at events in the seriesreturn to the past. All past decade a series issued by the Chochlow productionand remixes that have successfully gained sympathy Polish clubs, but didnot disappear with the tracklist DJs global format.A turning point in the global career of Krzysztof was to draw attention to himby Paul Van Dyk. The single "Release" Krzysztof did not disappear with the longPVD tracklist's of the clubs and festivals, and during the Polish edition festival ofCreamfields in interviews Paul Van Dyk gave the example of Krzysztof Polishproducer of forming true Dutch trance!During his long career, Krzysztof Chochlow appeared in hundreds of clubsand dozens of major events and festivals across the globe.Musical events which occurred and which speaks ferventlyisGlobal Gat hering (Poland), UNIFI (Scot land), FRISKEE (Ireland),Alcatrazz Open Air Festival (Netherlands), TranceSetterz (Netherlands),Trance Around The World (Poland), Sunrise Festival and Electrocity.