- Lui Young


Lui Young alias Eleminal discovered the electronic world oreven better the electronic world discovered him. Inspired byseveral party visits and big artists like Sven Väth, AdamBeyer, Hell and influenced by these artists he was carriedinto the world of techno. He took its time go work himself intothe material of “electronic music“. T he results, gigs invarious clubs in Switzerland.After joining the CircleoneBooking & Beats Management agency, more gigs followedthrough out the clubs Switzerland.Friend Roger Z urbrügg and Lui produced in 2001/02 thesound for the project “Der-Voyeur“. For this project theytoured through the clubs of switzerland. Shortly afterwardsthey went separate ways sadly, but Lui concentrated ondjing and producing his own way.Together with friend Adrian Martin, the first tracks named"Norka“ and "Fullness“ have been released onVeryVeryWrongIndeed Records UK. It followed a remix “Lily”on Fortek. Shortly after, around mid summer 2009, he wasproud to be a part of the Miniload family, which resulted thatsome more tracks produced together with Adrian Martin "2Weeks" and "La Calma" have been released on Miniloadtoo. A great highlife of Miniload era was, that they releasedtheir first vinyl in December 2009. Main track was "LaCalma", including remixes from Tom Clark (HighgradeRecords) and Doppelt Gemoppelt.In the meantime some own productions and remixes foundtheir way to the public and after a time he met Michael Gull(label owner of Colludo), where he had "Teore" and "T heRodes" as release. Here too, "T he Rodes" have beenreleased as digital and vinyl. Nothing is better than a vinylrelease, to have the own tracks in hand for real. At least LuiYoung has some tracks in the pipline currently, for a newand young label called WirSindEins.Be excited to see what yet to come