Eduardo Santos is the name of this young man from São Paulo.
A stamped figure in the Brazilian electronic scene. His work was consecrated in the gold of electronic music called "Sound Factory", or was the best club in the history of electronic music in Brazil. The DJ is completing 22 years of career and the second in specialized media; GKD is certainly one of the most technical DJs in the country. His knowledge, and his constant search for evolution was what led to that level. The GKD sets have a linearity with the house, but you may be surprised with sounds that go beyond the fields of the house that point to other lines such as Tech-House and Techno. He transcends time and space, his music is at the forefront of modernity, his ensemble reaches as different dance tracks and occasions, be it: Heating, title or Outside business hours. GKD is the one that makes a track really dance. His music is accessible to all audiences and his work is approved by the most important clubs in the country.