- Blueeys


Blueeys aka Markus Streili born on Nov. 11, 1981, would have thought during his schooldays to become known over the place as a deejay and producer in Southwestern Germany. All in turn: As soon as 1995, he had started his deejay-career and was continuously being requested by fellow students and their company. Over the years, he was performing on countless events and parties around Southwestern Germany and German-speaking Switzerland. In 2006, he created, together with a friend of him, a special party-series, the "BeatNight" that he attended until to the end of 2008. That was the time when he started his resident job in one of the most established clubs in the South. It was a pleasure for him to perform altogether with artists like Karotte, Dr. Motte, Sven Wittekind, Felix Kröcher, and ... Simultaneously, in 2009, he started the event series "Criminal to Minimal" and "Electric Fusion" that have been calling to dance up to now. Also in 2009, he began his career as a producer being inspired by his impressions during the weekend-sets, creating on his own account and and producing powerfully driving Prog./Tek-House und Minimal Tracks. His biography and work are proving: Blueeys is creating with a power that hardly could be slowed down. Let's attend tensely to the sounds by which blueys will surprise us in future ...