- Joy Saccone


Joy Saccone, great italian talent, start his career as "DJ" in the 90's. His musical taste mainly "Dance", evolves with time becoming more and more features "House & Deep".The gained experience over 20 years "On-Set" in the best most important consolle of Italy, twists upsetting the user expectations, maturing in Joy an uncontrollable desire to grow up professionally.After various editing and mastering courses, internationally recognized, he enters in the world of recording production, giving life to his own AudioLab called "diva-studio" ....Laboratory of thousand resources, from which protrude multifaceted productions, purely House but with all kinds influences.Saccone since from 2006 gave free rein to his great artistic talent, creating great music projects with renowned national and international artists.There are numerous evidences: "My love is for hire" feat. Christina Z, "Enjoy Your Life" feat. Sherryta Duran, "Do not Stop" feat. Lyl-Lee/Lexy, "Believe" feat. Amela AMVOX.This great fertility of recording productions, in collaborat ion wit h int ernat ional big label, including "Urban Life" records, "Smilax" publishing, Gardenia "records, "Love That Sound" records, "2DJS4LOVE" records, "Deep Moon" records, "Mega Club" records, "Ibiza Night" records, "Big Blue" records, is supported by new label "Diva Records" Productions, born in January 2012 under the artistic direction of the dj- producer Joy Saccone.As in dj-set, so in production to "Old School" related, the artist approached outside an infallible technique with careful attention to detail, t wo import ant element s t hat make it original and unique his style.