- Anthony Louis


Ant hony was born in Turin 14 July by an Italian mother and African Father. His love for music just sprout among the shelves of the business his father, one of the most popular DJ services in Italy, where he has been working committed. Daily contact withmixers, turntables, headphones, vinyls and constantly feeds his natural inclination to deejayng and takes over the nineties, to undert ake his artistic career. As often happens in these circumstances, it all begins with performances in small club in the urban circuit , a must for those who approach this fascinating profession. Direct experience with clubbers is of fundamental importance for the understanding of real-world philosophy of the night. Anthony, supported by its natural instinct, is quickly becoming the darling of this year feeling that manages to weave with the audience in one of his winning formula. If we add to this aspect of the energy expressed in all his set that's it