- Tony Costa


Born in Sabadell ( Spain ) on 17/09/1971He began his professional career as a Deejay at 14 years of age in the golden age of the Italo -Disco .In The 90s work for the biggest clubs in Spain :Macintosh Esparraguera , Pont Aeri , Chassis, New odeon , Scorpia , Versailles and many more rooms ,A shared booth with the best deejays in the world: Victor Calderone, Donald Glaude , Nick Corline , Juan Magan, George AcostaPaco marotto and many more .Creator of one of the most successful clubs in Catalunya with The Suit Discothequewhere every night thousands of people would gather to the day you leave the club.As a producer edit my first job in 1995 with the album Kubik - Kubiko a whole number 1 selling in Spain .From 1995 to 2005 the number of edit 1018 songs on vinyl maxi formatwith names like Xpose , Anonim 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, Dj Konik , D4MA , K -Z ero , Virthu -all etc etcCreator Gloobal Music record label which gives the opportunity to make themselves known amaters your music either dance , electro latino or pachanga .Greador rPLAY Records Label where the hardest sound and merge and EDM artists like Julio Posadas , Dj Konik or D4MA carrying over a decade giving holidays throughout Spain .