- Johnny DJ


(aka Johnny Aemkel)Since he was a child Johnny has always been a keen lover of electronic music. At the young age of 7 he began collecting Techno and Trance records, while at the same time researching information on the history of the genres.At only 9 years old he started experimenting with turntables and learnt the art of DJ'ing thanks to the teaching of his elder brother. Despite only being a child, Johnny snuck into a nightclub to attend one of his brother's performances and instantly knew that DJ'ing is what he wanted to do.When he was still only 11 years old he began to develop an interest in production. Without anybody's help to show him the basics, Johnny started to dabble with simple programs creating various musical genres from House to Techno & Trance.Johnny made his first public performance at the age of 16 playing in famous clubs in Italy and in 2006 he launched his own project called "Minimal Stars Project". Hosting events in his hometown of Verona, he played alongside his favourite local acts such as Andy Smile, Stephan Barnem & Caddy JD.In 2008 he began to publish his productions and has since collaborated with internationally renowned producers such as: Philip Wolgast, M.N.L, Harada, BCR Boys, Lars Wickinger, Sebastian Russell and many more.In 2010 he began to publish his Dark Minimal Techno under the alias ''Johnny Aemkel''