- DJ Vandersames


Bomb Up ,Final Answer",Timba,Sick Thing, I want It, Higher,(collaboration with Rob Mirage),& House Your Body(Dj Boris nyc Believe 2) .Tracks that represents the quality of Vandersames work. his tracks had Reaching the beatport 100's, sets and podcasts of the big Djs around the globe,specially in the USA,Rocking hot dance floors like Pacha nyc,Webster hall,Asseteria,Space Miami,District 36,Stereo Montreal,tagging his name on the eletronic music scene of New york city. Vandersames,has producing songs at 3 copilations till the end of 2009, lucca ricci's album w the track "MITO" ,Dance club magazine's cd ,Saeed younan's copilation on Kult records.His tracks have been Supported by many top djs specially in New york City ; Richie santana,Saeed younan,Chus & Ceballos,Carlos fauvrelle,Dj Boris,Chriss Vargas,Jonh Acquaviva jonathan peters & the big first supporter Victor Calderone in the begining, to name a few..Influencies; dubfire,Richie hawtin,Victor Calderone,Dj Chus,Rob Mirage,Dj PP,Richie Santana & Peter Bailey,Dj Dero,Dj joseph,Waldir Junior,toddy terry,carl cox,Qbert,Dj pooh (BH),dmc djs wolrd championship,Frank Knucles.