- David Martini


David Martini is a passionate DJ and house producer. Everything started in Ibiza. 2005 David Martini visited for the first time the famous island. Until that time, he only heard black music. The house parties on the island changed his attitude to house music. The party gave him the necessary motivation and inspiration to make music. He was so impressed that he started in late 2006 to experiment with "Magix Music Maker ". He quickly arrived to the program limits. He wanted more. In 2008 he bought the DAW Cubase and gradually he improved his studio setup and his Room Acoustics to produce best results. In August 2009 he produced "Senorita, "which is then released as a debut release on "deepah recordings. In early 2009 he also started with Djing, which he still exercises with passion. His sets, consisting of Disco, House and Tech House pulsate his audience and inspire to partying again. In 2010 he produced in collaboration with the New York based house producer Mark Alston the un released Record "crank it up". He also received a monthly resident of the "Cucuma Club” Rastatt (Germany). He is currently the resident DJ at Bombay (Germany / Baden-Baden).


Vocal House, Vol. 1
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Party Weekend Ahead - Bigroom Handsup Electro House Top 100
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Work Your Body - Fitness And Workout Music
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