- Black 8


Black 8 started production in 2006.2013- Black 8 created a track (Nostalgia) for Hernan Cattaneo’s label (Sudbeat) which was the first compilation for Sudbeat’s label. The track was in a compilation of 16 AP with the most the popular and famous music producers. The track (Nostalgia) was ranked #1 on the beatport and the most heard track in the progressive house music genre. After the hit of this track, he did an AP for Sudbeat containing 5 tracks already supported by the label boss himself around the world.Ap 5 tracks2013- He made a single track called (Too Far Away To Reach) and this was the spark between Nick Warren and Black 8, in which let Nick to put an eye on him. Nick Warren played the track in many events and nailed it with many people. 2013- Fields Of Gold- was the first track signed with (Hope Recordings), it was released with BETOKO (Left Field- Song Of Life). Nick chose this track then to be released in a compilation on Hope Recording’s Anniversary (xv) from 13 tracks.2014- Black 8 nailed it and got massive attention from Nick Warren with another track called (One More Day To Regret), which Nick chose to be a first CD album for The Sound Garden Vol.1.