- Memory (ARG)


Memory (arg) / Argentine, currently resides in Italy. He immersed himself in production in 2012, studying with Emiliano Folgar (Interaxxis) and Kevin Di Serna. Always looking for his source of inspiration to be universal music. Focusing on synchronizing and unifying elements of groove and melodies. With the constant support of artists such as Hernán Cattáneo, Guy J, Nick Warren, Cid Inc, Khen and Guy Mantzur. His music has been published in major record labels such as SUDBEAT, The Soundgarden, PlattenBank Records, AloLa Records and SexOnWax. Currently, Memory keeps a very clear idea in his head, working on original tracks that convey deep and mobilizing emotions and achieve great collaborations with different producers.https://soundcloud.com/memoryarg https://www.instagram.com/memory.arg/ https://www.facebook.com/Memoryarg/