- Bellavoid


As the dance music scene continues to take over the world, Bellavoid has stepped out from the shadows with the sole intention of pushing the underground sound into the future. Bursting on to the scene with an air of mystery surrounding him, he instantly made his mark with a unique style of house music full of energy, distinctive bass lines, mesmerizing vocals and pounding beats. Finding influence from fellow artists such as Jamie Jones, Dusky, Green Velvet & John Tejada to name a few, Bellavoid takes the past and present sounds of electronic dance music, and combines them with his own blend of funk, house and tech. Bellavoid is the next chapter for an artist who has a longstanding history in dance music. His story can be traced back to the early days of house music, when vinyl was king and there was an air of mystery around DJs. As a champion of the underground scene, he was at the forefront of the movement, never moving away from his true love of house. From Los Angeles to Tokyo, London to Ibiza and New York to Moscow, he has graced the decks of clubs and festivals and played for sold out crowds all over the globe. His sound, along with his DJing artistry, was the perfect fit for the world's most famous clubbing locations such as Ibiza's DC-10, Fabric London, Womb in Japan, Spybar Chicago and the iconic Tresor in Germany. To know Bellavoid, you need to immerse yourself into his sounds and allow him to take over your soul. To know Bellavoid is to know the future of house music...