- Sai


SAI is a Guyanese electronic music producer and DJ. He primarily produces in the Trance genre, but has extended out, producing Electro House and various Progressive Trance and Dance music. SAI has been producing since he was a high school student. He then pulled into EML Recordings in 2012. He has produced a wide variety of remixes as well as originals.All his music is produced using the FLStudio music production application and software and using the most of various plug-ins such as Sylenth1, Nexus, Massive, and other synthesizers. His first release was on EML Recordings called “Serenity” along with the help of Vitez & Kiso in 2012. To start of the 2013 year, SAI went solo on his second release “Super Sonic”. Even though this young music producer had just entered the electronic music scene, we can expect a great future for this young talented Caribbean music producer! The future is bright for SAI.