- Arkade


Behind the name, Arkade, André Luki & Renato March, add more than 20 years of electronic music career, tickets and residencies by various clubs, such as Xynantecatl (MX), Anzu Club, Sirena, Café De La Musique, Asian Disco Club, Blue Club (MG), Banana Republic, Disco Store, Jacareí Scenery, Heaven & Hell, Delux.e Club, among others .. As producers, there have been releases on renowned techno record labels including Noise Music, Dark Skillz, Egothermia Records, Steel Ground Records, Boiler Underground, Evolvement Records, Warbets Records, Minimal Stuff, Kombo Records, Drum Tunnel, Fingers Records, among others .. They had their songs played by Anderson Noise, Yan Oxygen, T78, Superstrobe, The Junkie Kids, Carlos Beltran, Mandraks and Fernando Tessis. They reached 2 tops 100, by the virtual store, Beatport, were top 2 with the release '' The Next Episode '', released by the label, Juju Recordings and accumulate diverse supports of great artists.