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ANDI VAX (Andrey Vakhnenko) - a famous sound producer, remixer and composerFounder of ANDI VAX and SynSUN projectsAuthor of popular video tutorials "Mixing Secrets", "Answers" and numerous reviewsCreator of factory preset bank for Access Virus TI 2s ynthes iz erBeta Tester:Access Music / Kemper Digital (Virus TI), Presonus (Studio One), Steinberg(Cubase)Producer of official remixes for Joachim Garraud, Astral Projection, Yahel, Skazi, etcRemixes of ANDI VAX were repeatedly supported by DJ Tiesto, Paul Van Dyke andThomas PentonFounder of online service of mixing and mastering www.ANDIVAXMAST ERING.comAwards and achievements2005 - Best guitarist by version EMT (Russia) for the track "Magic Fly"2008 - "Breakthrough of the Year" (KISS FM)2009 - "Hit Maker of the Year" (KISS FM)2011 - "Best Producer of Ukraine" (Showbiza.net)2011 - 'Best Mastering Engineer' (Promodj.com)2013 - Organizer of the 1st CIS large scale contest for sound producers 'Wanted MixingGenius es 'SYNSUNOutside the CIS Andrei Vakhnenko became famous due to iconic project SynSUN whichin 2001 entered top 10 European trance projects (by contest results of the label InpsydeMedia, Italy). For the last 10 years SynSUN grew into an international giant trancemusic. In its albums you can find official remixes from / to Skazi, Yahel, Bliss,Talamasca, Eskimo, System Nipel, The Misted Muppet, Wizzy Noise, Michele Adamson,VIbe Tribe. http://synsun.info/www.ANDIVAXMAST ERING.comHaving discovered his "formula of sound" and revealed the mixing secrets in 2009 ANDIVAX founded his own studio and launched an online service for mixing and masteringwww.ANDIVAXMASTERING.com. Over the past 4 years more than 300 tracks wereproduced, many of which became hits on popular radio stations. Number of artistscollaborating with www.ANDIVAXMASTERING.com is constantly growing - Ron May, DJBoyko, Palyur, Jan Sax, DVJ Electra and many other names who blew Beatport TOPcharts. High standards of sound producing and modern trends were also successfullyapplied in Ukrainian pop compositions of Anna Sedokova, Tamerlan and AlenaOmargalieva, Dima Kadnay, Z ebra and many other popular artists.


200 Finest Lounge and Chillout Tunes
Kos Kastilio, Real Cosmic Dogs, DJUMECK, Makia Blue, Tamborder, Club Divine, Rimini Jones, David Barrat, Dreams Machine, Moduleset, Robin Koro, Tylah Rose, Joe Jog, Paris Plume, Della, Stefan Schenk, Zino, Touch and Go, Udo Vismann, S.o.B.Beats, Earthspaces, TreePines Makdaf, Electio, Five Nights, Jimmy Freeplace, Claude Eagle, Francisco Bolsa, Nugz, Yarara, Josep Talaia, Pyma, Bernd Filz, Mykel Mars, Auxochrome, Toby Noize, Ale Reya, Jack & Jones, Florian Becker, Universallifeenergy, George D, Sebastian Weikum, Rafal Kulik, While, Dr. Biso, Christopher Breeze, Chillelektro, Andrew Bright, Andi Vax, Bgpone, E - Verformung, Heso, Ibiza Groove Squad, Leo Santos, Tommy Boccuto, Roben Bucks, Arrojas, Baldostone, Jo Fontana, Soni Soner, Fabbro, Josè Ferreira, Carlos Rumba, The Soul Elephant, Pavel Stolbov, LL Odessy, Fred and Flow, Sanderson Dear, Christina Stella, Emilio Tranquilera, Fobee, Lichtwandler, The Inhabitants, Rain Dog, Maximilien, Lee Harris, Electronic Yellow Jammer, Ralf Velasquez, Macerio, Wayne Tarrance, Rey Salinero, Vinicious, Sternenton, Mandala Fields, Arnoon, Chakra Energy Healing, Spiritual Soul, Lavejazz, Carlos Pinto, Davide Zeta, Lamar Ensemble, Gustavo Pereira, Alex Nöthlich, Mario McPherson, Gilberto Santos, Albert Moon, Tom Bruessel, Pauline de Grand Class, Ra-Yam, Adriatica, Swirly, Emilio Loizzo, Dj Under, Thomas Dür, King Hookiss, Reflex Artists, Los Surfistas Gigantes, Hondale, Flight74, Bela Banhegyi, Schwarz & Funk, The Smallest People, Asario, Ikspliz!t, Satellite Soul, Luzecor, Renata Leme, K Beatz, Association Of Freedom, Degreezero, Spurious, Gregor Jóhannsson, Fjell, Alu, Gino di Fazio, Great Skies, Martin Schmid, Creotaur, Jack Conway, DJ Thera, Le Pyramidion, Off Land, Chill Factory, Franco Ribeiro, Álvaro Dias, Aparecido, Eduardo Melo, M-tronic, Mateo Makams, The Sura Quintet, The Boatpeople, Bed Shop Toys, Ron Ractive, Deep Azur, Leotone, Heavenly Trip, Massivan, Luigi, Riccardo, Luigi & Riccardo, Wyatt Ocean, Bodhi Jones, Kometenschweif, Future Mind, Max Marotto, Off Land, Spiritual Soul, Helms, Charlie Brown Superstar, Eddy Chrome
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