Gysnoize was born on January 17th 1986 in Vyshnivets, Ukraine.His father|parent|,, Viktor Maystruk, is a known singer and composer in his own country and Gysnoize had the chance to approach music for the first time by working with him during the studio sessions and by arranging songs for Maystruk’s album "Unknown Guest".The ukrainian dj continued his experience in themusic business composing soundtracks for documentaries|photoplay| and taking part to the creation of a few|a little| musical|music| compositions for rock-operas like "Paid Beach of Styx".Gysnoize's music productions go from classic rock to ambient|, lounge|, electronica| and trance music.In 2008| Gysnoize graduated at Ivan Puliuy State Technical University of Ternopil in computer technologies and, at the same time, he finished the school of audio-controlling and sound mastering.His first|first-run| album was "The Earth Flute|ground-to-air|" followed by many other productions in cooperation with Gbmusic Smoothnotes with whom he published albums like “New age Meditation”, “After the rain”, “Found it in your heart”, “We will keep going”, “The following stage” and the latest work “Dream world” released in April 2012.Currently, Gysnoize is working at a new|firsttime| album and participating to some new musical projects.