- Adala


Adala continues to make a solid mark on the electronic music industry, tenaciously rising to prominence over the past decade.Courtesy of his ever-growing catalogue the world is finally waking up to the sound of this unassuming artist. Now based in Germany, his early forays into Hip-Hop and role as a professional percussionist all firmly laid the foundations for his deep yet melodic mix of house, with a persistent drive aimed directly at the dancefloor.Expect to hear a lot more of Adala as his global audience and industry influence takes a stronger hold. With an instantly recognisable trademark style, you can always tell when an Adala track surfaces cutting through the sound system. Cleverly interplaying a big room sensibility with raw but accessible components he maintains a clubland credibility often surpassing his peers.


Berlin Goes Ibiza
Eric Kanzler, David K (GER), Steven Moeller, Vincent Rohr, Jommes Tatze, Final Assembly, Kanzler & Wischnewski, Patrick Nachtklang, Einzelkuenstler, Shorty Plena, Thomas Lizzara, Joseph Disco, Typ, Sorcha Richardson, Amanic, Kanzler, Wischnewski, Ill Boy Phil, Sebastian Fleischer, MATZINGHA, Superstrobe, Feydh Rotan, Roman Beise, Match Hoffman, Black Motif, Stereotyp Monoton, Karlo Neuss, Lars Wickinger, Yo-c, Ochs & Klick, Sascha Beek, Rashid Ajami, Haroun Hickman, Philippe Ralos, Simon Slice, Philipp Poisel, Nico Pusch, Minimal Lounge, Brett Knacksen, Mamü, Marie Chain, Million Faces, DJ Most Wanted, Element, Tino Venditti, Paul aus Berlin, Sina, Chezzter, Feliks Laroid, Lampenfieber, Off Remixer, Zwei Kanister, Tinush, Florian Meindl, Lutzenkirchen, Mano Meter, Oliver Gruen, Marc Van Linden, Amanda Wilson, Moe Danger, Martin Eyerer, Chris Cooper, Marco P, Oktave B, Jenny Mayhem, Hiskia, Re-Tide, Mattei & Omich, Feldschieber, Stilbruch, Katie Mizar, Lauschtakt & Ulrich, Inaya Day, Sonny Zamolo, Sam Greycious, Kostas Tolos, 3v3 Sound, Vogel & Hauter, Christian Belt, Yan Garen, Cheap Sunglasses, Gregor Weinberg, Nita, Microwave Monkeys, Elisabeth, Carlo Marani, David K, Patrick Schulze, Klangwelt 3000, Patrick Arbez, Typ, Lexer, Zwette, Sonik, Arts & Leni, Tino Boa, Superstrobe, Stereotyp Monoton, Oliver Schories, Robin Schulz, Marcus Mahler, Jerome Isma-Ae, Ian Pooley, Kellerkind, Chopstick, Ryan Dupree, Einsiedler, Roman Beise, Panik Pop, Feliks Laroid, Leo Aguiar, Nico Pusch, Monica Dias, Bebetta, Der Joe, Anthony Ross, David Puentez, Adala, Alex Flatner, Angelo Dore, Sofa Tunes, Feydh Rotan, Eric Kanzler, Loopservice, Alexander Remus, Lissat, Voltaxx, Mattei & Omich, Der Schmeisser, Carlo Marani
The Most Wanted Project | 2015-08-01