- Eddye Aeme


Eddye Aeme, born in Barcelona in 1981. DJ and producer ofdeep house, Techno and TechHouse styles.He began his career in music when he was 16. His firstresidence was in 1999, at a nightclub called Julius in Mataró(Barcelona). From there, a small hole was opened and hasbeen played in various nightclubs throughout Spain and itsvarious cities like Mombasa Café (Madrid), Eclipse (Hotel WBarcelona), Crazy Festival (Andorra, Teruel), Damablanca(Alcorisa, Teruel) Chapó (Blanes, Girona), among others.Also mention its classification as a semi-finalist in theVicious Dj contest of the prestigious journal ViciousMagazine in 2014.His music session not leave anyone indifferent and makesyou dance and enjoy their freshest beats mixed with themore forceful rhythms.Devoting now, besides playing at different events, theproduction of electronic music in their styles.Currently has several published EP, to others of variousremix collaborations.