- Suntribe


Suntribe aka Ash. Blessed with a family that gave him liberty to choose his own creative path. This freedom gave Ash the scope to learn more about music. With a kind of psychedelic sound that reflects every atom of his personal experiences Suntribe's complex beats with hypnotic overtones are a sound that’s managed to uplift dance floors on a global scale.Having played at Australian events including Honto, Traincore, Bliss, Freebase, Digital Mayhem, Southern Oracle, many other festivals in Australia and Earthcore Global Carnival 4 years in a row, Suntribe was ready to take on the world. Touring countries including India, Chile, Argentina, Dubai, Bolivia and many more Suntribe’s live shows and 1st album – India Trance Rediscovered received rave reviews across the spectrum of the dance scene. Dance Floor Killer from Interface records Mexico, Undefine sound from Psycore UK, Gamma Andromedae an album with Parana from south Africa in Universal Dance Records, BOOM ENERGTICA in 2012 by Goa records, EP's fromZOO Music and many more.