- Neurosystem


I come from a small town in southern Croatia called Split. I have been a true music lover since my early ages, learning piano was my firstchallenge. Afterwards I was listening to all kinds of music, and I started out by DJ-ing in 2012 with my friend. Learning was quite a rideand I developed skills quite quickly and started looking forward to music production. In 2013 I got my first DAW and went on with musicproduction, maybe after a few months I’ve got into the program and it got quite fun, so I did not stop making music until now!My focus anddrive is on Psytrance and that genre is what I will always want to master, in 2014 and 2015 I was quite active in the scene and I was reallybusy with gigs and competitions, making me winner in the S.U.N festival competition as 2nd place! Wow, that was a dream come true, thatfestival opened allot for me, and the whole crew, and the members that I’ve met around the festival were amazing!In 2016 I release my first Ambient album for a Spa Center Filomena. That was a musical journey with my friends and the creation was so inspirational for all of us. While producing in Split, I’m also a crew member of 2 leading psytrance crew’s from Croatia, one from the capital of Zagreb and one from Split. Both great organisation crew’s full of will and power for organising and developing psytrance culture in Croatia. I also participated in organisation of Wish Festival in Italy 2017 that was Tomorrowland’s production, had an opening set to the festival and I met allot of nice people in Italy then... In the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018, I’ve had my 3 releases for Geomagnetic Family (American Based Label), here I’ve had my 2 EP’s and 1 compilation released on Bass Star Records and Digital Drugs Coalition, signing them was quite a good feeling, as giving out tracks is something I admire. Next release is coming 4/6/2018 for my Twilight EP that will contain 3 tracks, it will be a full digital release.